As of now, Gujarat with 3301 cases is having the largest number of coronavirus positive cases in India after Maharashtra. Gujarat’s death toll stands at 151
As per statistics reported by government nodal ageny  City Ahmedabad in Gujarat is witnessing an unusually high growth rate of the coronavirus.
Till Friday evening, Ahmedabad city reported 1,821 positive cases. The number of cases is doubling in just four days. As such an increasing number of residents are fearing the worst outcome from the Namaste Trump rally that was held in Sardar Patel Stadium of the city on February 24.
Experts have observed that the number of positive cases started rising within one week of the Namaste Trump event. An event which was attended by more than 5,000 foreign dignitaries.
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Indian PM Modi given a unprecedented welcome to USA president Trump in a open stadium with more than 1 lakhs viewers on Feb 24th 2020


The concern is the higher speed at which the virus is growing compared to the national average.
[splco_quote]Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra in a video message warned the public that at the current rate Ahmedabad will witness around 8,00,000 cases of the virus by May end. “Please adhere to strict social distancing norms.”, he urged the public.[/splco_quote]
As feared if the event was a plausible source which had more than 1,25,000 people packed inside a stadium, then contact tracing would be impossible. As such the virus may have spread to every corner of the State.
Officials are now working towards increasing the number of isolation wards as quickly as possible.