Ruling ADMK ministers in Tamilnadu heaped praises that even hardcore BJP members think twice before to deliver 
From God to Dad all roles been assigned to Modi by ADMK leaders  
ADMK Party men once upon a time praised lavishly only their leader J.Jayalalitha whose death been questioned by themselves and Inquiry Commission been ordered by Jayalalitha’s own party that is ruling the state post her death
When Palaniswami said the Tamil Nadu Cabinet had in September 2018 unanimously resolved to recommend to the Centre to rename the station asM G Ramachandran Railway Station’ in memory of the charismatic and popular former chief minister of the state.
Many raised eyebrows for not naming after Jayalalitha because it was during Jayalalitha era majority of the Present Party Ministers been seen growth and got Plump Posts
Not only present ADMK Chief Minister failed to visit Jayalalitha memorial on her birthday this year but the careless attitude in which the way the idol of Jayalalitha installed in ADMK party office has got wild criticism . In fact following wide criticism the idol was replaced with a new one .

Jayalalitha idol installed initially been replaced with new one

For the reason that the installed statue doesn’t resemble Jayalalitha is not only the tip of iceberg – an indication of paradigm shift of ADMK present leadership
Some of the statements present ADMK leaders made been complied that display amply  what present ADMK leaders are headed for .
Narendra Modi has taken the “Narasimha avatar”, Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam proudly said Friday, likening him to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as he and chief minister K Palaniswami showered praise on the Prime Minister for ‘decimating’ terrorists in Pakistan in air strikes at that time even when Indian army soldiers families are made confused with different theories of reports and started asking for Balakot strike proof .
Panneerselvam said Modi did not buckle under the threat of terrorism and instead had taken the “Narasimha avatar”, a reference to Hindu faith in which Lord Vishnu takes the ferocious incarnation in the form of human body with the head of a lion to destroy demon king Hiranyakasibu.
“Without buckling under the threat of terrorism of the neighbouring country, Modi took Narasimha avatar and decimated hundreds of terrorists which the world lauded,” he said at a function here where the Prime Minister for the fifth time visited Tamil Nadu.
However each time Modi visits tamilnadu citizens ensured the hashtags gobackmodi and gobacksadistmodi (a term use by  Opposition leader of Tamilnadu M.K Stalin ) made not just all India Number one trend but worldwide top trending that cause enormous embarrassment for Ruling BJP circles during each time of his visit 
The anger inside tamilnadu people mindset is clear indication the centre failure to redress various issues inclusive of  Gaja , Ogi Vartha Cyclones relief works , non action by BJP government for the death of fishermen at the hands of Srilakan government , various eco affecting projects inclusive of methane, shell gas, copper production and neutrino lab been pushed to tamilnadu , and also silent infusion of Hindi in tamil speaking state 
Putting aside the opposition voice of people ADMK ‘s  Deputy Chief Minister praised Modi for his “strong and steadfast leadership,” in battling external threats in a bold and decisive manner without a wink of sleep.
It should also to be noted the Judgement reserved Order for 11 ADMK MLAs cross voting case against the Ruling party (ADMK) led by Panneerselvam during his period of revolt against siting Chief Minister Palanaisamy has been not delivered at Supreme Court . The unusual delay has led to gossips not only in legal but also in political circles in Tamilnadu state
Tamil Nadu minister KT Rajendra Bhalaji has said none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the “daddy” of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK).Tamil Nadu minister for Milk and Dairy Development Bhalaji said since the death of AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa, it was Modi who had been guiding the AIADMK.
“Modi is our daddy , India’s daddy now. Since we have lost our Amma, PM Modi has come as a daddy to guide and support us,” he told reporters after addressing a party meeting in Viruthunagar district.
During 2014 general election Jayalalitha daringly set her campaign tone to the people of Tamilnadu with a mission statement “ Do you want Modi or Lady “ and people endorsed with 37 MPs out of 39 in Tamilnadu voting for lady.
Now with in five years it seems Modi is smiling at Jayalalitha as he made her own ADMK party men not just backs him but made them heap lavish praise more than what they did to the lady ..
Now the  voice of the lady been decimated at her own party by her own party men for reasons only known to them