The final match between Argentina and France in the FIFA World Cup 2022 was one of the most thrilling matches in the history of the international tournament, with both teams delivering stellar performances, resulting in a nail-biting and action-packed match.

Argentina ended up defeating France with a 4-2 score during the penalty shootouts after the match came to a draw with a 3-3 score when the match time ended.

Kylian Mbappe’s France ended up losing the match, even after the player’s hat trick in the final moments.

Lionel Messi had earlier announced that he will be retiring from international football, and the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be his last. Now, media reports say that he has made a complete U-turn on his previous statement, saying that he will be returning to the field, and will likely play the next world cup as well.

Argentina’s head coach Lionel Scaloni also backed Messi’s decision, saying, “Messi should have a place in the next World Cup. If he wants to continue playing, the ’10’ will always be his.”

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Messi will be making his way back to his previous football club Barcelona, which is deemed as his legacy. This comes as Messi’s 2-year contract with French football club PSG is set to expire in the summer of 2023.

While Barcelona has been playing with the possibility to bring back their star player, PSG is also expected to extend Messi’s contract for another two years. PSG’s president, while addressing reports of extending Messi’s contract, said, “We will do what’s right.”

After the stunning win by Argentina, it is expected that PSG will try its best to retain Lionel Messi. It must be noted that Kylian Mbappe, who have a tough fight against Argentina in the finals, is also a part of PSG and has recently signed a new contract with the club.

After the referee blew the final whistle Mbappe sat down on the grass in despair as Argentinian players celebrated their triumph. In the meantime, French President Macron who was seated with all the dignitaries made his way down to the pitch, but Mbappe did not look pleased with the former’s attempts to console him. 

They exchanged a few words, but there was little emotion on Mbappe’s face. They again came face to face when the French players went up on the podium to collect their silver medals.

Macron again tried to hug Mbappe and said some words of consolation by the looks of it, but the youngster simply appeared to brush aside the President, seemingly wanting away from the awkward scenario.