The 74th UN General Assembly, on October 15 last year, proclaimed September 28 as the International Day for Universal Access to Information. 
On this day Taking to Twitter, West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC Party president Banerjee, on the occasion of International Day for Universal Access to Information, said that Modi government is “answerable and accountable to people”.
“Today is International Day for Universal Access to Information. It is shocking how GOI got exposed during the recent Parliament session she responded
Asserting that every citizen has the right to information, Mamata Banerjee on Monday hit out at the central government for not providing answers to “most questions” during the recent Parliament session.
“Most answers said ‘no data available’. Every citizen has a right to information. The government is answerable and accountable to the people,” the chief minister tweeted.
The Union government, during the monsoon session of Parliament earlier in the month, said many states and Union Territories have not provided details of farmer suicides and hence the national data on the causes of suicide in the farming sector is “untenable”.
The Centre also said that it had no data regarding the number of migrants who died or were injured during migration to their native places due to the lockdown.