A Kerala teen who was seen in a viral video riding a horse in school uniform has revealed why she decided to take that form of transport.

“I do not go daily on horses. Only on some special days, or when I get bored or on some exam days also, I ride on a horse to school. 

If you ask me what was special on that day that was the last day of my Class 10 board exam,” Krishna, a resident of Kerala’s Thrissur district, told news agency ANI.

In the video that received praise from industrialist Anand Mahindra, Krishna was seen confidently riding the horse in good speed on a narrow town road, her backpack bouncing as she firmly held on to the straps behind the horse’s neck.

Krishna said she took up horse riding when she was in Class 7 and after years of practice, she reached pro level and now can easily ride a horse to school, which she has done sometimes.

“One of my friends said riding horse isn’t that easy and it’s not possible for a girl to do that. He said it’s only possible for women like Jhansi Ki Rani. So I thought why not a normal girl can ride a horse,” Krishna said.

The first horse she trained on was given to her by her father. It was a small, white horse that helped her gain easy control over the animal during practice.

Praising Krishna as an inspiration, Anand Mahindra has said he wants a photo of her and the horse as his “screen saver”. “Brilliant! Girls’ education is galloping ahead…A clip that deserves to go viral globally. This, too, is Incredible India,” the industrialist tweeted.