In a twist of events that made Supreme Court judges to stumble upon with Bhushan case is like a walk in knife ..
After Bhushan refused to apology and not willing to consume the time what Judge offered complicated matter bad to worse
In the mean while London based Indian journalist   Ashis Ray is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist based in London.
He is the longest serving Indian foreign foreign correspondent, having uninterruptedly worked in this capacity since 1977, mainly for BBC and CNN, but also for ITN, Ananda Bazar Group and TOI .  in letter to Supreme Court judges made his intention straight .. with a mission statement  Don’t let India down, pleads . The exact extracts Splco reproduce 
*Kashmiris in Kashmir are Indian citizens. Yet, the worst human rights abuse has been heaped on them by the Indian state. The devastation to its economy is incalculable. Alienation in the Valley is unprecedented.
In all of the above the Supreme Court of India has bafflingly either been silent or not deemed it urgent enough to take up the matter and pronounce judgement.
On the prima facie instance of violation of the Prevention of Corruption Act in the dumping of the previous deal to purchase Rafale aircraft from France and its replacement by a new one, the Supreme Court provided a clean chit.
At the same time, you have taken umbrage at advocate Prashant Bhushan’s tweets as if the heavens would fall if you didn’t. Is his anguish not legitimate given the prevailing state of affairs?
Ashis Ray Splco

Ray is president of Indian Journalists’ Association (Europe) . He is the author of ‘Laid to Rest that was about Subhash Chandra Bose published on 2018

Sometimes the most vicious and vile reactions arise in respect of the conduct of the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom, including offensive headlines in the tabloid press.
Judges have even been described as being anti-British. Not once, though, has the court bothered to lend importance to such tripe.
Decent, right-thinking, well-meaning Indians have looked up to the Supreme Court as a benevolent arbiter. When all else fails, the Supreme Court will rescue us, is the refrain.
What are such people thinking today? Few worse calamities can befall India than Indians losing confidence in the Supreme Court.
Therefore, I appeal to your conscience. I am older than all of you. Please listen to me. I speak from having been fortunate enough to encounter rich and rewarding experiences in life.
India is paramount. I plead before you not to let India down.
I hope you will excuse this intervention.
Ashis Ray