Amongst Indian states it is been found that Kerala Contain Corona virus cases and recovery rate also ranked high .
As on today Kerala has 450 cases with 331 recoveries and 3 deaths
It should be noted Emulating South Korean model Kerala is set to become the first state in the country to commence convalescent plasma therapy, which uses antibodies from the blood of cured patients, to treat critically ill COVID-19 cases on a trial basis.
Following the developments The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on April 21 granted the permission to Dr Vishal Rao of the HCG Bangalore Institute of Oncology to conduct the trials for plasma therapy.
A month after the lockdown, Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac on Saturday said that the state has been reeling under huge financial crisis as all what the state government could raise in April was a mere Rs 250 crores.
“If we include what the Centre would give is in all we will be able to touch Rs 2,000 crores. For payment of salaries along we require Rs 2,500 crores,” said Isaac to the media here.
[splco_quote]Criticising Modi led centre government economist turned Finance Minister, Isaac  said “We are at a loss to gauge the mentality of such people who opposed our request. We demanded it, so as to help our people who are suffering. [/splco_quote]
Since they have opposed, we could not go forward with it. Hence we have decided to cut the salary of all and it would happen from next month, when six days salary every month will be cut for five months,” said  Isaac.