Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in scuffles on two occasions in the last one week along the Line of Actual Control in north Sikkim and Ladakh, defence sources said.
They said four Indian and equivalent numbers of  Chinese soldiers also were injured during the confrontation.
It took place at Sikkim’s Naku La sector, ahead of Muguthang, a pass at a height of more than 5,000 metres, on Saturday. Around 150 soldiers were present when the confrontation took place.
Later, it was resolved at the local level. Sources said temporary, short duration face-offs occur as boundaries are not clearly marked.
“Incidents of face-off took place. Aggressive behaviour and minor injuries were reported from both sides. They were disengaged after dialogue and interaction at the local level,” said a source.
Troops resolve such issues mutually as per established protocols. The scuffle in Ladakh took place on May 5 night and was resolved by May 6 morning.
This is not the first time Indian and Chinese soldiers have exchanged blows along the border.
Back in August 2017, Indian and Chinese soldiers threw stones at each other and exchanged blows near Pangong Lake in Ladakh.
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The clash had aggravated tensions between the two countries as it happened at a time when they were locked in a stand-off in the disputed territory of Doklam in Sikkim.
It took two months to end the stand-off. Then happened Crucial meeting during October 2019 and to sum up it describing Indian PM Modi and Chinese Premiere Xi meeting at mamallapuram Government of india Minstry of External Affairs press statement issued at the end of the summit states
Both “Leaders shared the view that the international situation is witnessing significant readjustment”. As the US-China divide sharpens, and it promises to outlive Trump, powers like India will try to do two things- utilise the space to manoeuvre itself into a “pole” in what will necessarily be a multipolar world while trying to balance all sides.