Days after a man flung chilli powder at Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal inside the Delhi secretariat, a cleric was arrested for carrying live bullets during his visit to CM on Monday morning.
“A man was arrested under the Arms Act after live bullets were seized from him during checking when he went to visit CM Kejriwal yesterday morning,” said Delhi police.
The man has been identified Mohammad Imran, a caretaker of a mosque in Karol Bagh and resident of Seelampur locality.
“Imran had come to meet the chief minister at the Janta Darbar around 11:15 am. He had come with 12 imams and maulvis to discuss the issue of increasing salary of staff working at the Delhi Waqf Board,” a senior police officer said.
Imran told police that he found the bullets in the donation of a mosque and kept it in his wallet and later forgot about it. The police are further investigating the matter.
On Monday, Speaking at the one-day special session of the Assembly, Arvind Kejriwal asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign if he cannot ensure the chief minister’s security.
“The people of Delhi are proud of their honest chief minister. I want to ask the people of the country if they feel the same about their prime minister,” Kejriwal said.
Referring to the recent attack on him, Kejriwal said, “In the last three years, four attacks were made on me. These attacks could not happen if I was not the chief minister of Delhi.
“These attacks are not on me, but on the people of Delhi instead… Modi ji is taking revenge from Delhiites for voting the AAP to power in the city,” the chief minister said.