Karnataka section of Minority  students have moved the Supreme Court against the Karnataka High Court verdict in the hijab case. 

Following verdict disagreeing court interfering with interrelation of Quran many places in country witnessed protest . 

In Chennai Tamilnadu New College students shouted slogans against Karnataka High court verdict 

Angry and upset over the verdict Six Muslim students from Udupi have challenged the verdict in the apex court.

A special leave petition has been filed on behalf of Muslim student Niba Naaz.

Tuesday morning Karnataka High Court’s three-judge bench on Tuesday ruled that wearing hijabs does not fall under the essential practice of Islam.

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Petitioners have stated that the high court has erred in creating a dichotomy of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience and the court has inferred that those who follow a religion cannot have the right to conscience.

Dismissing all the petitions challenging the ban on hijab inside Karnataka schools, the Karnataka High Court also ruled that the restrictions on wearing of uniforms were reasonable and that the students cannot oppose it.

On the day the Karnataka High Court ruled that the hijab is not an essential religious practice, backing a state government ban on religious clothing in schools and colleges, eight burqa-clad students in a Karnataka district were not allowed to appear for exams.

Leaders of various Opposition parties on Tuesday expressed disappointment one the Karnataka High Court’s decision to uphold the state government’s ban on hijab in educational institutions. However The Bharatiya Janata Party leader, on the other hand, praised the outcome.

Eight students who had come to Kembhavi village PU college in Yadgir district of Karnataka wearing hijabs to take their second PU preparatory examinations were turned away.

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Hijab Row : Students protests with Cops

Before the High Court’s interim ban, this college allowed the students to wear the hijab inside classrooms. 

The eight students had taken the exams yesterday without a hijab but refused to remove them today. When the authorities failed to convince them, they were asked to leave the college premises.

“The college earlier allowed hijab but we were simply following the High Court’s interim order. We tried to convince the students not to wear the hijab. They abided by that. But today, they refused to remove it and take their exams,” Chandrakanth J Halli, Yadgir district Deputy Director of Department of Pre-University, said.

The constitution allows us the right to profess our religion. We are shaken, we expected so much. We will not go to college without the hijab,” the girls told reporters, vowing to fight the verdict.