In a shocking revelation during 2014 at the time of Jayalalitha ruled ADMK run government period the usage of Expired drugs for patients been found

This is after The Tamil Nadu Public Accounts Committee visited Thanjavur and inspected several ongoing projects including the old bus stand, government observation home and new bus stand. 

After committee audit inspection While speaking to reporters, the chairman congress MLA Selvaperunthagai.has  said the previous government had used expired medicines. 

“This has been found in the Comptroller of Auditor General’s report and the administration staff at Kumbakonam and Thirukattupalli GHs admitted it as well. Expired medicines worth Rs 26.17 lakh was used during 2013-14,” said Selvaperunthagai.

He said that a team has been formed to find out who were treated with those medicines and whether they developed complications. 

“Those involved in such inhuman activities will be punished at any cost”, warned Congress house floor leader Selvaperunthagai.

He further said that there were several reports of mismanagement in the previous government which resulted in a huge waste of money. 

“This was mentioned in the CAG report and we will begin conducting enquiries,” he added.

It is to noted  previous regime ADMK government ministers are facing corruption charges and regulating authorities already  conducted raids and confiscated important evidences against former ADMK ministers Veeramani ( Local body Minister ) , Vijayabhaskar ( Transport Minister) , Vijayabhaskar ( Health Minister ) Veermani ( Commercial tax Minister )

Also FIR been filled and Investigation authorities  now in process of completing chargesheets against ADMK ministers.