Indian oppostion party leader and Congress MP has triggered a drug mafia consensus in his twitter 

All the three major volume of drugs seizure all happened in Mundra port where india’s richest men Adani who is close friend of India Prime minsiter .. 

The thee major seizures happend with in a span of one year., 

On 12th  July 2022 : 

Gujarat Anti-Terror squad, in collaboration with Punjab police seized 75kilograms of Heroin from a container at Mundra Port in Gujarat. 

The consignment was said to be routed to some other places via Punjab.

The Punjab Police had shared the input regarding the smuggling of heroin from UAE to Punjab with the central agencies and the Gujarat ATS according to Director General of Police, Punjab, Gaurav Yadav. 

“The contraband was kept concealed in the container of unstitched clothes using a cardboard pipe which was further camouflaged by an oversized plastic pipe,” he said. 

The container, which was loaded from Jebel Ali port in UAE, was booked by an importer from Malerkotla, Punjab, said Yadav. 

As per preliminary investigations revealed links with Punjab which suggested that this consignment was to be routed to some other place via Punjab, said DGP. Punjab part is being explored and investigated, he added. 

Yadav said that following inputs, the Punjab Police’s State Special Operation Cell (SSOC), SAS Nagar had immediately sent police teams to Gujarat and deputed them at the Mundra Port.

In coordination with the central agency and ATS Gujarat, the searches were made at the Mundra Port with the help of Customs, he said, adding that after following due procedure and documentation, the container was opened up which led to the recovery of a big haul of 75 kg heroin.

The consignment was opened in presence of customs officials and magistrate, he stated.

To ascertain backward and forward linkages, some suspected persons from Malerkotla and Ludhiana found to be linked with this import of consignment have been called for questioning by the concerned district police, said Yadav.

A team of DRI officials searched and scanned a container, which had arrived a few days back from Dubai and housed at a Container Freight Station near the port in Mundra.

On 26th may  2022 : 

In yet another instance of drug seizure, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has seized 56 kg of cocaine, estimated to be worth over ₹500 crore, from a container near Mundra port in Gujarat’s Kutch district 

Although the DRI officials did not disclose the value of the seized contraband it recovered from a container, it could be close to ₹550 crore as the price of 1 kg of cocaine is around ₹10 crore in international markets.

Also  ₹1,526 crore worth of heroin seized off Lakshadweep

As per details, acting on specific inputs, a team of DRI officials searched and scanned a container, which had arrived a few days back from Dubai and housed at a Container Freight Station near the port in Mundra, Kutch.

On scanning the container, the DRI team stumbled on a consignment of 56 kg of cocaine, a highly addictive drug, which was hidden inside imported items in the container. 

On 21st April   2022 : 

Last month, DRI in a joint operation with Gujarat’s Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) recovered approximately 260 kg of heroin worth ₹ 1,300 crore during search at a container station near Kandla port in Kutch district. 

The heroin contraband was found to have come in one of 17 containers, which had arrived at the Kandla port from Iran between September and October last year and the container in which the contraband was kept was lying in the freight station near the port.

Subsequently, the ATS and DRI recovered nearly 90 kg of heroin worth ₹450 crore from a shipping container that had arrived from Iran at another port at Pipavav in Saurashtra region. 

on 24 September 2021,

Mundra Port drug seizure | Big haul, small fish and a dead end

It may be noted that in September 2021, the DRI, in the single largest heroin haul in India to date, seized around 3,000 kg of the drug, believed to have originated from Afghanistan and worth about ₹ 21,000 crore in global markets, from two containers at the Mundra port. 

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