Indian particularly  railway travellers  know how tedious it is when booking a railway ticket through the IRCTC app. As a user, we all hope that the app is smoother, faster and much reliable.
Apparently, an IITian managed to do fix this problem .. the government should have credited him for his work .. but instead it put him in jail.
S Yuvaraja, an IIT postgraduate from Kharagpur created apps called Super Tatkal and Super Tatkal Pro which made booking train tickets a faster and easier experience.
However, he was arrested last month by the Railway Police Force under the Indian Railways Act 1989 for the “unauthorized business of procuring and supplying railway tickets”.
After the arrest, both the apps were deleted. BJP led Modi government has put IITian in Jail for a week
After his release While speaking to media India Yuvaraja said that his intentions were not malafide and he created the apps just to help the rail passengers book their tickets with ease.
“I want them(government) to talk to me and find out how the apps can help IRCTC’s ticket-booking operations.
I might have been naïve and unaware of consequences when I developed the apps but I had the best of intentions,” said Yuvaraja
He further said “I have a solution that can effectively address the current issues on the IRCTC website.
I would like to help them make their website better so that end-users, the passengers, can book tickets easily.”
As per reports, the Cyber Cell of Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Chennai tracked down Yuvaraja’s  Server source code, application source code, end-users list and bank statements of Yuvaraja .
The Railway Police Force ( RPF) also  has registered a case under section 143 (2) of the Railway Act.