BJP Party  ruled Modi led Indian government did not wasted any time with respect to  the annual congregation of Tablighi Jamaat at its Nizamuddin Markaj and ensured making a point that this event is the prime cause for the spread of the virus in the Indian country.
The campaign by the ruling party supported media and RSS ideology political parties have sought to make the Jamaat a scapegoat while letting both the central and few states & Union Territories inclusive of Tamilnadu Delhi and BJP ruled State Governments off the hook.
[splco_quote]When BJP government and its media blamed the Markaj for holding the congregation between March 13 to March 15; they easily forget that on March 13 Health ministry officials said on record that the coronavirus was not a health or national emergency.[/splco_quote]
The Intelligence exercised by the Government of India authorities in controlling the import of coronavirus from other affected countries can be judged from the travel advisories issued by the government of India.
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By early March, by March 3 in fact, the huge corona outbreak from Tabhlighi gathering in Malaysia had already happened.
Despite this the travel advisory issued by the ‘Ministry of Home Affairs’ on 3 March only advised medical screening (short of mandatory quarantine) of passengers arriving in India from specified countries.
The list did not include the United States or any European country. Besides this the visas granted to travellers from only China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan were rescinded.
Visitors from South-East Asian countries were not even designated for any kind of quarantine.
In fact, the words ‘compulsory quarantine’ are included in the travel advisory for the first time as late as 16 March, wherein ‘compulsory quarantine’ became enforcible with respect to only 9 countries China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE; the South-East Asian countries were again missing from the list as were the US and European countries.
It is to be noted only on March 16 the Delhi Chief Minister announced a ban on religious, social, political gatherings of more than 50 people in the capital until March 31.
What action did the government take between March 18 and March 21 to have the Markaz evacuated and the evacuees screened for the virus is still unanswered
Why had the Delhi government failed to enforce its orders banning an assembly of more than 200 persons issued on March 13 is still unanswered
In Particular Tamilnadu State where the ruling ADMK government that Promoted all activities of BJP government in sprit an in letter and during Corona updates  to its 70 million  people through its Health secretary Mrs. Peela ., who was  a doctor by profession and then pursued IAS and come in to administrative services carefully ensured in her daily  briefing that Muslim attended Tablighi Jamaat at its Nizamuddin Markaj were the chief cause for the spread of the virus in Tamilnadu ..
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This Indian and few state Government machineries bashing on religious line hugely supported by local TVs and major Dailed drew lot of criticism from Social Media
Another similar case it is to be noted happened in the same period  but in Europe .  It it at this point Hindu Cult ISKCON UK a Hindu Religion camp based in London has been amongst the worst affected communities by COVID-19, with twenty-one confirmed cases in the greater London area congregation, and five devotees passing away.
Although the names of the others have not been officially released by their families, one of the deceased was Rameshvara Das, a disciple of Bhakti Charu Swami in his mid-seventies.
Apart from five devotees who passed away, several are in critical condition, including younger devotees in their thirties and forties.
[splco_quote]“Our hearts go out to everyone on the planet who has been affected by this virus,” says UK GBC Praghosa Das.[/splco_quote]
Some have theorized that one of the ways the virus could have spread amongst the UK devotee community was when about 1,000 people gathered at  the March 12th funeral of a beloved devotee.
According to Praghosa, at the time the events happened, people in the UK were still going about their normal business, and there were no directives against holding such events. Devotees and organizers at the events followed all then-current guidelines given by the UK government, including regularly washing hands – hand sanitizing gel was placed at various points around the venue – coughing into one’s elbow, and not shaking hands. Social distancing guidelines, recommending that people stay at least two meters away from each other, had not yet been issued in the UK, nor had stricter-than-usual limits on the amount of people allowed into a building at one time.
Although other countries, such as Italy, Spain and France, did have such restrictions at the time, the UK did not, and devotees in the UK were paying close attention to what their own government was directing them to do, and were following those guidelines, Praghosa explains.
[splco_quote]The two case study summarises us a salient point  that is unlike  Indian Government and Indian media vilification campaign ., UK authorities and  UK media has treated persons affected by Corona confine  to medical ethics by not divulging the coordinates on Religion . At least in future the lesson has been taught by the Former rulers of India the Britishers  should be practised by not only Indian authorities but also its blind supporting media houses . [/splco_quote]