Karunanidhi wins Marina battle even after his death proudly cheered by Millions of DMK cadres who was mourning

On Wednesday morning, 18 hours after his death, the 5 times CM and the longest men as Cheif Minster who ruled Tamilnadu for 19 years Karunanidhi won a legal battle for a resting place at the historic Marina Beach that too as per his wish that is next to his mentor DMK Founders Arignar Annadurai memorial

Earlier with in 3 hours after his death news Cheif Secretary Girija made a statement said it was “unable to allot space at the Marina beach owing to several pending cases in the Madras High Court and legal complications.”

Hence, the Government is prepared to allot a two-acre site on Sardar Patel Road near the memorials to Rajaji and Kamaraj, the Government statement said.

Infuriated on the development DMK refused the allotted land and knocked at the doors of the Madras High Court


Hearing a petition filed by DMK seeking a direction to the Tamil Nadu Government for allotting land near C N Annadurai’s memorial for burying Karunanidhi, the bench headed by acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court Huluvadi G Ramesh asked the government to provide a place for “decent burial” to lay the mortal remains of Karunanidhi on the Marina Beach.

The pending cases Tamilnadu government remarked been withdrawn by the contestants that cleared the way easy for DMK to argue the case

Taken by the withdrawal of cases instead of giving concurrence ADMK government bought trivial reasons such as DMK government not allocated land to then Cheif Minster Kamarajar

Hearing this Judge quipped there was no application by Congress to bury him at Marina that made ADMK government go silent .

The same scenario repeated when Government defence brought in Late CM Janaki Ramachandaran name .

That made defence counsel pointless and said it was policy decision not to allot land and the court may not decide the case in hurry

This submission of delay made the intention of ADMK government stand clear argued DMK Lawyers


DMK contended that Karunanidhi deserves land near Annadurai’s memorial since he had served the state for more than five decades and had expressed his desire to be buried near the resting place of his mentor.

As the news of non getting judgement in time and delay tactics made aware it kicked more tension that made grim faced M.K Stalin more tense .

Cries of Vendum, Vendum, Marina Vendum (We need Marina) rented the air in most places in Chennai as DMK cadre took to the street.

Later an hour as the news of the high court allowing Karunanidhi to be buried at Marina Beach was announced at the Rajaji Hall, his son and DMK working president M K Stalin broke down and thanked people gathered at the campus for their wishes.

“The government wanted to ensure there is chaos, but the court has delivered the verdict in favour of us. Let us all remain calm and ensure that our Thalaivar is given a peaceful burial,” Stalin told the crowd at Rajaji Hall that was cheered by lakhs of cadres who were paying homage there

Though Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules prohibit any new construction on the Marina Beach, the government made special concession to allow former chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s burial and building of her memorial in 2016.

it is important to note at the time of burial ADMK party did not buried as Cheif Minister but as Former only .

But with respect to Ariganar Anna and ADMK party founder M.G.Ramachandaran they been buried as Chief Minister