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Hindutva groups attack Kashmiris in Open galore : Deterioration of Law and Order in UP

In a shocker from Uttar Pradesh, three Kashmiri vendors were thrashed in the state capital Lucknow by a Hindutva group exposes  deterioration of law and oder in BJP ruled Hindi state Uttar Pradesh 
The incident took place in Lucknow’s Hasanganj area at Daliganj bridge where 3 Kashmiris were assaulted before a commoner came to their rescue.
While the accused men ruthlessly assaulted the Kashmiris, two of them were able to escape from the spot and one was taken to the police station by the cops.
The Hindutva miscreants also asked Kashmiri youths to show them their Aadhaar ids but termed them as fake on it being shown.
After a preliminary investigation, the police handed over a Kashmiri youth (Afzal) to his relatives. Reports say that the bystanders helped the 3 Kashmiri youth and saved them from alleged attackers who were thrashing them.
One of the Kashmiri youth, named Afzal Nayak, who hails from J&K, said that he used to sell mawa (a sweet ingredient) in Wazirganj and Golaganj areas in Lucknow.
Like every day, on Wednesday also, he along with his other two colleagues, were doing their daily business at Daliganj bridge when they were attacked by Hindutva group who are wearing saffron collar dress who had come in a car.
Afzal said that the attackers accused them (Kashmiri youths) of being suspicious and started thrashing them. In the meanwhile, few other men also joined in and started brutally thrashing them. Then a commoner came to their rescue. Somehow, other two who could not bear blows (Kashmiri youths) ran away , Afzal added.
Afzal alleged that when the police arrived at the scene, instead of acting against the miscreants, they took him along with them.
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