North India Protest

Hathras family asks “Why our daughter’s body was burnt using petrol without our permission” says Priyanka Gandhi

The party’s general secretary said the family wants a judicial probe into the matter to be conducted through the Supreme Court and that they have also sought the suspension of Hathras’ district magistrate.
Priyanka Gandhi  firmly said that the 19-year-old Dalit woman’s family wants to know why their daughter’s body was burnt with petrol without their consent. Earlier (in featured picture) Priyanka angry reaction to police when they beat congress worker and her and aid to congress filed workers as shield to them act capture at filed  goes viral in India ..
The Hathras family asks why they are being misled and threatened, she said.
“Questions of Hathras victim’s family ( Priyanka Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.)
1. A judicial probe be conducted through the Supreme Court. 2. Hathras DM be suspended and not given a big post.
3. Why our daughter’s body was burnt using petrol without our permission.
4. Why we are being repeatedly misled and threatened.
5. We brought ‘flowers’ from the funeral pyre, but how do we believe that this dead body is that of our daughter?”
It is the right of this family to get answers to these questions and the UP government will have to give these answers, the Congress leader added.
Her tweet came after she along with Rahul Gandhi and other party leaders met the family and consoled them.
The Congress team stayed with the family for over an hour after they reached Hathras around 6.45pm following a series of dramatic events on their way to the district.
Saturday was their second attempt to meet the Dalit woman’s relatives after they were stopped and even briefly detained on Thursday on their way to visit Hathras.
Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi said that he has assured support to the family in this difficult time and in getting justice. “The UP government will not be able to do anything arbitrary as it wants, because now the whole country is standing to bring justice to the daughter of this country,” he said in a tweet.
Later in the day, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath recommended that a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) be conducted into the matter that has sparked protests across the country.
But in social media several  bloggers mock at CBI and they asked sarcastically what happened to: 
1. Tuticorin father son  twin murder case .. is the friends of police ( RSS associate Seva Bharathi ) role been established by CBI
2.In Sushant death case did CBI found anything other than the conclusion Maharastra police has made
3. Tuticorin 13 people police firing murder case what progress CBI made ..
4. And also so far the past 6 six years what hair breaking case CBI has cracked ..
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