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Family union desire made a man to cross 1400 kms in 14 days but ..

Ashok Kesari, a resident of Dawa Mandi Saptasagar in Kotwali Police Station area of ​​Varanasi, used to work in a hotel in Nagpada area of ​​central Mumbai.
After sudden 6 hours notice 21days lock down by Indian PM Modi the hotel was shut and fearing the rapid spread of infection, Kesari left for Varanasi with his six friends.
The journey was tedious however to join back the family the group of six walked for 14 days to cover 1600 km distance.
With a few bucks in his pocket, he travelled 1600 km via road and rail tracks on foot.
Ashok had left with friends 14 days earlier, but only on Sunday morning he reached the Cant Station.
After receiving the information about seven people coming from Mumbai, the housemates gave information in the locality, which created a stir.
But sad twist of tale awaited  for him . On reaching home his family members didn’t open the door, as they feared that he may have been infected with Corona in Mumbai
This upset Kesari who have crossed 1600 km in 14 days and with no other alternative he got himself screened at Pt Deendayal Upadhyay District Hospital.

Though coming with asymptomatic results, he has been advised for 14 days of quarantine.
Kotwali Inspector, Mahesh Pandey informed that when he reached home after tests at the district hospital, the family members still refused to keep him. Suffering due to fatigue in the late afternoon the same day, he is currently admitted to a private hospital.
There are no symptoms of corona yet but still his family hesitate to allow him inside house  The inspector informed that if the family members even after if still don’t allow him, then arrangements will be made to keep it somewhere safe.
How Corona fear teared the strongest Indian fiber of joint family bond a hard fact difficult to digest for not only him but many  in the days to come
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