Addressing a town hall gathering, fourth in the series of seven such scheduled events, Kejriwal said the discourse of the country should primarily be about generating employment, not “throwing people out for failing to produce birth proof”.
“I want the entire country to understand the objective of the Bill. You people (media) have made this a Hindu-Muslim issue. This is not a Hindu-Muslim issue.
Through this Bill, both Hindus and Muslims will be evicted from the country. Everyone should know this. The text of the Bill says it will only shield only Hindus coming from Pakistan. All the Hindus sitting here must arrange identity proofs of themselves and their parents,” Kejriwal said.
Responding to another question by media personality Nidhi Razdan, belongs to NDTV who was moderating the discussion, Kejriwal asserted: “This Bill has absolutely no requirement. Everyone together, the entire country should reject the Bill. The Union government should reject the Bill.”
Kejriwal has in the past termed CAA as “dangerous”. On Friday, he once again pointed out the need to focus on reviving the economy and generating employment for people of the country.
On Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remark that there is no plan to conduct NRC across the country as of now, Kejriwal said “kabhi na kabhi toh karenge“. “There is no point in indulging in word play. They plan to bring 2 crore Hindus from Pakistan. Where will they be housed?
From where will they be given jobs? First take care of your own, the rest can be taken care of later. he added.
Asked about him giving the protests outside Jamia Millia Islamia University against CAA and NRC in Delhi a miss, Kejriwal said that as CM, his job is to maintain peace and establish order in Delhi.
“People voted for me to develop Delhi, to ensure peace. I was trying to ensure that there is no incident of violence anywhere, that the protests remain peaceful and there are no police excesses. I was taking all the necessary steps towards that end during this time,” Kejriwal said.