Usually, students, who successfully complete Classes 10, 11 and 12, register online with the State employment exchanges through their respective schools.
A senior official from the Labour Department told that each year nearly 5.5 lakh successful students from Class 10 and 11 register with employment exchanges after the board exams.
“This year the number of registration has crossed 6.7 lakh,” he added.
Referring to the October 2020 data of the employment exchange, the official said the number of students, who were below 18 and completed Class 10 board exams, was 11,41,369.
“In November, the figure went up to 18,15,432,” he added.
The official said that about 80,000 students, who usually flunk in the Class 10 boards, have also registered this year due to declaration of all pass.
In addition, about 40,000 Class 11 students, who have been unsuccessful in a few of the exams have also registered.
Pointing out that the number of registrations is further expected to increase in the below 18 years category, he said,
“Private candidates, who also successfully completed Class 10 board exams are also expected to enrol this December.”
The official said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s arrangements were made to deploy extra officials to take care of student’s enrolment online with the employment exchange in their respective schools.