The Prime opposition Party Congress and its ally DMK on Monday upped the ante against the Narendra Modi government, alleging profiteering on purchase of PPE (personal protective equipment) used by medics and other material needed for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.
Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi raised the issue of “faulty” PPEs being supplied to medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh and prodded the Yogi Adityanath government to punish the people behind the “scam”.
She added that the current UP government’s natural response is to go after the people who leaked the story to the opposition rather than round up the scamsters.
Priyanka highlighted a letter by the state’s director-general for medical education stating that faulty PPEs were supplied. The letter was leaked.
She also shared a letter by the UP government later seeking to inquire who was behind the leak.
[splco_quote]”Faulty PPEs were supplied to many medical colleges of Uttar Pradesh. It was good that this was detected early and the same were returned and no one could play with the safety of our warrior doctors.[/splco_quote]
“Surprisingly, the UP government is not bothered about the scam but is concerned about who leaked the information about these faulty kits,” she said in a tweet in Hindi.

DMK President MLA Stalin Opposition Leader Tamilnadu distributes free food , Santiser , masks for the people in his constituency

“It was good that the news came out, otherwise the issue of faulty kits would not have come to light and would have been pushed under the carpet.


DMK President M.K.Stalin in his Social blog message has lambasted quoting Delhi High Court order ., ADMK government in its purchase of Test kits at a 145% higher rate
Stalin also mentioned  ICMR findings and said ADMK government purchased test kits not only at 145% higher rate but also  from unapproved vendor.