In Tamil Nadu after the drop in covid19 cases., there  emerges  the visibility of silent ‘Statement war’ happening in the state. 

But this is not between the Ruling and opposition parties but with in ADMK party that lost the 2021 election badly . 

It is a known factor Political tussle between the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) Coordinator, O Paneerselvam, and Joint Coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy that has been on for years has now taken a new turn.

But what is new is now the duo has been issuing individual statements for the past few weeks that shocks the cadres and party functionaries of ADMK ..

Initially, OPS was reluctant to announce EPS as Chief Ministerial Candidate. 

But as  per Modi led Union govt order OPS left with no option and thanks to pressure from BJP to show ADMK as unified party actually  OPS pressurised to announce EPS as CM candidate   

That was the first back-step for OPS.

Secondly, during the Tamil Nadu assembly election constituency allotment, there were differences in opinion between EPS and OPS. 

After the poll results, OPS sought to be the leader of the Opposition, at least, but EPS was not willing to give up. 

Later, when MK Stalin took oath as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and formed the Government, there came a talk in the state that who will be the next Opposition leader.

The party had a couple of high-end meetings having a long discussion about who will be the leader of the Opposition. 

After days-long arguments, EPS was selected as the leader of Opposition by the party, which made OPS take a step back.

Meanwhile on the oath taking ceremony of DMK leader  M.K. Stalin though both ADMK EPS and OPS been invited ., EPS decide to skip the function but OPS presence spilled lot of beans.  

Only on 2 occasions Post 2021 elections debacle the duos issued Joint Statements..  

On May 5, OPS and EPS issued a joint statement condemning the vandalism on the Amma canteen. 

When minister Nilofer Kafeel resigned from the party, OPS and EPS on May 21 issued a joint statement, which said he has been removed from the party for acting against party’s principles.

It is to noted that Mrs, Nilofer Kafeel has alleged Rs 100 Crores scam charges against MR.Palanisamy  post her removal from the party . 

After  DMK took won 2021 elections comfortably on  six different  occasions so far  where the duos issued separate  Statements 

Immediate after the defeat  OPS issued an individual statement during the start of May when Amma canteen at JJ Nagar in Chennai

After taking oath as the leader of Opposition, EPS stood to be the first to issue an individual statement urging the government to increase the number of Remdesivir in the state. 

Soon after becoming the leader of Opposition, EPS wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging oxygen beds for Tamil Nadu hospitals and to ensure more supply of Oxygen, COVID Vaccine to the state and issues regarding TN fishermen.

OPS for his part, also issued his statement to CM Stalin to seek immediate steps to control Mucormycosis, the black fungal infection, in the state and ensure adequate COVID-19 vaccines.

On May 25, Palanisamy in his individual statement urged the state government to increase oxygen beds in hospitals and calculate ways to bring down COVID deaths in the state.

Tamilnadu CM Stalin offers 5 lakhs for pandemic affected Children

On May 29 Ops and another Former Minister Udaya kumar  has issued a statement thanking Tamilnadu CM M.K.Staling for supporting the education of  parents lost  covid affected children’s with 5 Lakhs state funds

All this  gives more confusion to Party functionaries who are badly affected by the defeat claims inside sources 

Law experts  also claim  beyond everything, issuing an individual statement is in violation of party norms.

Still, OPS remains in his powerful position as Coordinator of the party.  So OPS, on his part started issuing individual statements for self-protection. 

Arithmetically thanks to the victory  of ADMK MLAs in 5 districts where the Palanisamy caste belongs plays a crucial factor 

And this factor plays a crucial card   If AIADMK is  marching towards single-leadership chaos, then EPS may  emerge as the single leader of the party. 

Whereas OPS, owing to a lack of supporters of MLAs  may seeks to join hands with Sasikala and sketches to bring Sasikala legally into the party..  

Political observers feel, a single-leadership battle  between EPS, and OPS  may not possible but with out the  support of Sasikala.

During when ADMK was in power 1996~2001 the  role of BJP is effective but what  appears now is  less effective as the brand of Modi has taken beat not only in International market but also on India  after the worst defeat it suffered at the  hands of Mamata in West Bengal  and especially after the mismanagement of Covid in Hindi speaking heart belts .. 

Amidst the chaos a voice clip going viral in social media in  that to a ADMK party functionary .,   Jayalalitha erstwhile close aide Sasikala found heard  assuring  him as she heard she will return to party to save ADMK .