Irritated by the greeting crowd and poll noises about Rafale scam Prime Minister Narendra Modi lost his balance and launched a vitriolic attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday during a rally in Uttar Pradesh, saying that his father and former Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi, died as “Bhrastachari no. 1” (Corrupt No. 1).
In addition, he also attacked Congress’ repeated attempts to target him, saying that the party wants to tarnish his image and install a weak government at the Centre.
“Your father was termed ‘Mr Clean’ by his courtiers, but his life ended as ”Bhrashtachari No 1” (corrupt number 1),” PM Modi said at a rally in Uttar Pradesh.
He was referring to the Bofors scam, in which Rajiv Gandhi was accused of receiving kickbacks from Swedish defence manufacturer Bofors.
The scam had been the bane of the Congress party in the 1980s, removing them from power for several years. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, during a visit to Sriperambadur in Tamil Nadu. Sitting BJP MP Subramania Swamy is indicted in Jain Commission that probed Rajiv Gandhi assassination case
It should be noted In 2004, the Delhi High Court had quashed the bribery charges against Rajiv Gandhi.