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TN Police & their master voice emerge best chefs in cooking up national news

At Tuticorin airport young research scholar student Sofia in a reaction of outburst for 13 people shoot out killings against  sterlite closure protection  that could been  down played well with in four  wall .,

But then TN BJP president  Dr.Tamilisai created mountain  out of a mole and then midnight  arrest of sofia  that created furore and reflected in whole India trending  social media with viral hashtags “fascistbjpdown” not just in english but in other dravidian  languages also .

Now with in a week  , Yogendra  yadava yesterday detention and release and then again detention tom and jerry acts   in Tamilnadu by state police  made  National President, Swaraj India to take a obstinate  stand  and declaration to proceed to village Nammianthel to meet farmers inside their home.

Also he shoot out open letter and dared police to take appropriate action against him 

Pic Courtesy : Cartoonist Bala

Herewith produce the exact words of National President, Swaraj India addressed to  K. S. Sundaramoorthy, Deputy Superintendent Of PoliceChengal Sub-Division  District Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu


1.I am in receipt of your order dated 08.09.2018, hand delivered to me around 2:45 pm today. I have also been given a copy of an order purportedly issued on 01.09.2018 applying section 30(2) of the Police Act 1861 in Chengam sub division.

2. This order was served to me nearly 5 hours after I was detained by police force led by you near village Pakkripalayam, PS Chengam at 10 am today. Since then, I, along with four other colleagues have been detained in a private marriage hall in Eraiyur without any written or oral order. You are aware that this is gross transgression of the laws of India and you will remain accountable and answerable for this.

3. I write to say that your order dated 8.9.2018 is patently illegal for the following reasons:

A. Section 30(2) of Police Action is limited to regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same. It does not apply to visiting homes of private citizens. The clause says:

Farmers pleading TN police not to survey their agricultural land

“(2) He may also, on being satisfied that it is intended by any persons or class of person to convene or collect an assembly in any such road, street or thoroughfare, or to form a procession which would, in the judgment of the Magistrate of the district, or of the sub- division of a district, if uncontrolled, be likely to cause a breach of the peace, require by general or special notice that the persons convening or collecting such assembly or directing or promoting such procession shall apply for a licence.”

B. Indeed your own order dated 1.9.2018 is also limited to those “intending to take out procession, organising public meeting, bundh, strike and road blocks etc”. It does not cover “meeting of public at their village or home” by any stretch of imagination.

C. It appears that your order dated 1.9.2018 has been prepared today and signed back-dated. As per our information, this notice was not received by any leader of political party or released to media on 1.9.2018. So the order appears to be an after-thought, prepared post-facto and thus illegal.

Social activist and Student valamarthi detained for speaking to farmers family

4. In view of the reasons given above, I see no reason why I should be bound by an illegal order not to visit farmers at their home. I wish to make it abundantly clear that my colleagues and I do not intend to organise any public assembly or procession covered by Section 30(2) above, nor do we plan to take out “procession, organising public meeting, bundh, strike and road blocks etc” covered by your (defective) order dated 1.9.2018. As I have repeatedly clarified to you and your officers, ours is a simple fact finding mission where we wish to ascertain the wishes of the farmers affected by the proposed land acquisition for Eight Lane Green Corridor between Chennai and Selam and complains regarding police excesses in this process. You are also aware that the Madras High Court has by order dated 21st August 2018 directed that farmers not be dispossessed and it is surprising if not shocking that you are mis-exercising your authority when the Hon’ble Court is in seisen of the matter.

5. In sum: I see no ethical or legal basis for your intent to prevent me from visiting the farmers within the four walls of their homes. Mahatma Gandhi had taught us that it is unethical to obey illegal orders. I propose to proceed to village Nammianthel to meet farmers inside their home. You are free to take appropriate action against me.

Yours truly, Yogendra Yadav, National President, Swaraj India


It is important  to note Chennai Highcourt has stayed land acquisition  and land survey for 8 lane road project In Tamilnadu and here media circle  now openly affirms , in order to appease their Political  master wish  Tamilnadu  police  emerge best  chefs in cooking up national news out of nothing . 

Raid by CBI against Sitting DGP and  Former Chennai Commissioner has casted indelible marks and it is time to do retrospective analysis  for  Tamilnadu police by Tamilnadu Police to retrieve their lost pride.

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