Above archive picture disclose a stir on streets done by prominent  BJP leaders Arun Jaitley , Sushma Swaraj , Smiriti Irani  against  then UPA government for raising fuel price when  the international crude price shoot up to 120 US$ at that time 

Today International Crude price is 45%  less than of what peak crude oil  prevailed during UPA II period

While leading  economists and experts are debating how to deal with the increased fuel price  that is more than UPA II era inspite of  dropped Crude price of  then PM Manmohansingh era .,  to arrest historic  downfall of Indian rupee against dollar ., soaring prices thanks to fuel hike ., widening trade deficit  ( Import Export) ., evaporation of FDI reserve  ….


Rajkumar Rinwa BJP minister in the Rajasthan government came up with a simple but genius idea to tackle the issue. 

According to Rajkumar Rinma, Indian people should cut down their expenses to deal with the current rising fuel and petrol prices, he told media

Rajasthan BJP Minister Rajkumar Rinma

“Fuel prices in India are driven by the prices of crude oil in the world market. There are so many expenses that the government is dealing with including floods and there is so much of consumption. The public doesn’t understand that if the price of the crude oil increases then they should lower their expenses,” Rinma was quoted as saying by news agency 

Reacting to  Rinma’s comment, Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot said   that the BJP is making the situation worse by making such ‘outlandish’ statements when people are suffering.

“Such remarks from BJP leadership tell you they are very arrogant, they are insensitive to the needs of people. When people are suffering, they are making it worse by such outlandish statements,” Pilot told media