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Bihar Exit Polls says RJD congress alliance wins people mandate

The Time-C Voter gave 116 to the NDA and a slight lead for the opposition Mahagathbandhan at 120.
According to Today’s Chanakya survey, 60 per cent upper caste respondents voted for the BJP-JDU, while 29 per cent voted for Congress-RJD. It further added that 69 per cent Yadavs voted for the RJD-Congress, while 22 per cent picked BJP-JDU.
It said that Chirag Paswan who left the NDA just before the election, will not win more than two seats.
The Republic TV which is known as “the BJP media” among its detractors, gave 118 to 138 seats to the opposition alliance and 91-117 seats to the ruling NDA. Chirag Paswan’s party is likely to win five to eight seats, said the Republic survey.
However, the final results will be Cunted only on Tuesday, November 10.
Any party or coalition needs 122 for a majority in the 243-seat Bihar assembly.
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