When Trump struggling with 214 votes in presidential race Biden’s strong showing with 264 counts just 6 short of winning margin  as mail-in votes were counted in critical cities had him leading in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and very narrowly Georgia.
Till now Biden has won 74,391,066 votes (50.5%) and Trump was 4million votes behind Biden and got 70,206,345 (47.7% )
President Trump and his campaign continued to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud while disputing the results in multiple states.
According to Washing post Republicans asked the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure county election officials were segregating mail ballots delivered after Election Day, the latest effort by the GOP to use the courts to intervene in the vote count as former vice president Joe Biden’s advantage grew.
On Friday evening, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who received the petition because he is the justice responsible for that region, approved the GOP request for now, ordering county boards to comply with state guidance to keep the late ballots separate.
However, Alito did not direct election officials to stop counting the ballots, as the Republicans had also sought. He called for a response from state officials by Saturday afternoon.
Even if the high court were to ultimately side with Republicans, the impact would likely be muted: Pennsylvania officials said they are already setting aside the small number of mail ballots that have arrived since Tuesday.
But the move was part of a broader scramble in the courts by President Trump’s campaign and other Republican figures as Biden improved his lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.
The GOP has sought to halt or delay the ballot count in several lawsuits filed or revived this week around the country since Tuesday.
According to court filings, at least 35 lawyers including newly appointed Republican National Committee “legal challenge teams” in key states have been drafted by the campaign to bring cases alleging voting irregularities or missteps by election officials in the wake of an election that ran largely smoothly Tuesday.
But judges have responded skeptically as Republicans struggle to provide specific evidence to support Trump’s claim of widespread voter fraud, leading them to deny or dismiss claims of irregularities or rule-breaking in Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.
Voting rights advocates, election administrators and Democrats have roundly criticized the lawsuits as meritless.
Since Election Day, Trump officials have made contradictory statements on vote counting, which votes to count and when to count them.
On Thursday, judges in three states rejected lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign that challenged the ballot-counting process.
Friday brought additional defeat for Republicans in Michigan, as judges rejected a lawsuit from a conservative nonprofit alleging rules were broken during ballot processing and counting in Detroit, according to lawyers involved in the case.
And the GOP had another setback in Nevada, where a judge denied an emergency request to intervene in the vote count in Clark County.