A orthopaedic doctor from Nellore Last week he was tested positive for the infection and for the further treatment he was taken to Chennai Apollo.
He was undergoing the treatment in Chennai Apollo from last one week. Inspite of the treatment, he Passed away.
As a practising fellow  profession death ,  Apollo hospital authorities had taken care and look  after for  the cremation facilities by themselves. In pursuance the hospital authorities tried to cremate the body in any one of the burial grounds in chennai.
But no burial ground administration in Chennai came forward to take the body. With nothing to do, hospital authorities have handed over the body of Nellore doctor as a orphan body at the premises of Ambattur Burial ground in Chennai outskirts.
Commuters and the nearby people have found the body on the burial ground premises for long time  and having noted the death due to corona the locals  created chaos on seeing the orphan body unattended . 
According to Apollo hospital sources inspite of repeated reminders it is been told Ambattur Burial ground corporation employees refused to budge . Whereas Ambattur Corporation workers citing local unrest and  refused to performed  cremation . The blame game extended and it further added  more panic and chaos 
Later when  it was found out that it’s the mortal remains of Nellore Orthopedics doctor affected by Coronavirus. And then after report Chennai  police stepped in.
It is note clear whether Chennai police have  registered case on the corporation employees or on the hospital authorities.


Meanwhile, Medical Professionals and social media activists strongly condemned Tamilnadu Government response for lack of cremation facilities in Tamilnadu  to the death person due  to corona virus disease. 
Splco media tag this article to Andra CM  and on behalf of its readers request Andhra Pradesh government should intervene and  ensure doctor mortal get proper cremation.
Also at this juncture  Tamil Nadu Government should lay code of conduct and  procedures for burial or cremation  of dead bodies due to corona virus attack and also it should ensure after that no such shameful incidents occur in the future.