Baby  child less than 5 years was left on a running bike after a horrific accident on the outskirts of Bengaluru, and escaped unhurt.

A motorist and his wife were thrown off their bike  when he tried to overtake a scooter on Bengaluru’s outskirts; their vehicle remained upright as it slowed to a halt near a road divider. Their child was still sitting on it.

The incident, which took place on Arishinkunte Road in Nelamangala, was filmed by a man who was travelling in a car just behind the couple. The child landed on the divider, and was unhurt.

“Why [was the] baby supposed to pay the price for your mistakes?” asked a Bengaluru cop who handles social media for the city police.

He attached a video of the incident to his tweet, in which he listed the infractions the child’s parents had committed: “speed, no helmets, overtaking from the left side and using mobile phones”.

The video shows pedestrians and other motorists hurrying to the child’s rescue.

“Fortunately, the kid was unhurt and safe,” the policeman said in his tweet.

“PS: These kinds of miracles don’t happen often!”