Fuel prices hiked for third consecutive day across metros in India

With this hike of Prices of petrol and diesel for the third consecutive day on Saturday across metros, touching a record high in the country.

The price of petrol was increased by 25 paise in Delhi and stands at Rs 102.14 per litre.

The price in Mumbai is Rs 108.19 per litre, that is an increase of 24 paise.

Kolkata saw the highest surge of 30 paise, which is retailing petrol at the rate of Rs 102.77 per litre while in Chennai the revised price of petrol is Rs 99.80.

The prices in Tamilnadu been reduced by 3 rs per liter as per the new incumbet poll promises of DMK government ensured petrol prices less than 100 Rs / liter in Chennai

Tamilnadu finance minsiter Planai Vel rajan has stating cess in India @ 32 Rs / liter .. the componenet where state not get its dues fuel price become the bottle neck for bringing petrol under GST ..

crude price hit
Figure represents Prior petrol prices reduction @ 3 Rs / litre by DMK state Government in Tamilnadu . The excise duty part becomes bone of content with Union vrs States for bringing it under GST ambit , if done collectively then will bring done the price of petrol & diesel drastically

He said in case of withdral of unprecendented cess tax., then state government of Tamilnadu is ready to work with the proposed scheme for GST for petrol and diesel

Similarly, the price of diesel was hiked by nearly 30 paise. As of Saturday, diesel will be available for Rs 90.47 per litre in the national capital.

In Mumbai, the price of diesel is Rs 98.16, in Kolkata it is Rs 93.57 per litre and in Chennai it is selling at Rs 95.02 per litre.