A video in which some of BJP workers from Asansol, West Bengal can be seen burning effigies of Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un while shouting “Boycott China!” went viral on social media.
The BJP workers confused Kim Jong Un with Chinese President Xi Jingping.
Angry with China after the violent India-China face-off in Galwan Valley in Ladkah, BJP workers hit the streets and burnt the effigies and shouted “boycott China.”
In the video, a group of people were seen sporting BJP masks and protesting. When asked, one the member said that they are out to burn effigies of China Prime Minister Kim Jong.
The video amid anti-China sentiments raging in India drew guffaws on social media. Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes and messages on this video on Thursday.
[splco_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuxqKLtEhnE” autoplay=”yes” title=”Bjpians confused North Korean head with Chinese “]
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