At  Rameswaram on Friday morning on an information from a local fisherman who sighted it this morning, a team of Forest department personnel led by Mandapam forest ranger Satheesh rushed to the spot and took possession of this rare marine species.

The ‘finless porpoise’ measured 232 cm long, 76 cm wide and had a circumference of 152 cm.  

The carcass of a dead ‘finless porpoise’, a rare marine species (called ‘Kadal Pandri’ in Tamil) was found washed ashore in a highly decomposed state on the seashore of Mukundarayachatram near Rameswaram on Friday morning. 

The Gulf of Mannar is home to an enormous variety of plant and fish species and is an ecologically important area called the ‘Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve’ , rich with its vast coral reefs, mangroves and lagoons. 

A ‘finless porpoise’ in this backdrop is a rarity that is seen here.