Amarjit Singh of Jalalabad Bar Association Advocate of Punjab was taken to the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) in Rohtak where doctors declared him dead on arrival, PTI reported.

In a suicide note purportedly left by Singh, titled “Letter to Modi, the Dictator”, he said that he was sacrificing his life in support of the farmers’ agitation against the Centre’s new farm laws so that the government is compelled to listen to the voice of the people, as per a Live Law report.

The letter allegedly left by Singh stated:

“The general public of India has given you absolute majority, power and faith for saving and prosper their life. After independence the common people expected better future in you as Prime Minister.

But with great sorrow and pains I have to write that you have become the Prime Minister of Special group like Ambani and Adani etc. The common people like farmers and labours is feeling defrauded by your three agriculture black Bills and worst life is inevitable. 

The public is on tracks and roads not for votes but for the livelihood of their families and generations, in order to feed some capitalists, you have destroyed the common people and agriculture which is backbone of India. 

Kindly don’t snatch the bread and butter (roti) of farmers, labours and common people for a few capitalists. It is said that you wish for sacrifices like Godhra and also offer my sacrifice in support of this world wide agitation for shaking your deaf and dumb conscious”.

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More than 35 farmers died in the span of 32 days agitation braving brutal cold in the outskirts of Indian capital Delhi

The letter also added “judiciary has lost the faith of the public”.

The police said they are verifying the authenticity of the suicide note, dated December 18.

“We have informed the relatives of the deceased and once they reach here their statements will be recorded and further proceedings will be conducted,” a police officer from Haryana”s Jhajjar district said, adding that they were informed about the suicide by the hospital authorities, PTI reported.


Shocked by the death of advocate Amarjeet Singh Rai, chairman Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana Karanjit Singh expressed grief and extended help and support to the family of the deceased.

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