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Ghaziabad 24 yr old Software Engineer mad ride send him to prison

On car bonnet, Ghaziabad madman takes clinging man and all decency for a ride. Seen from behind, the car’s careening path is proof enough that something is horribly wrong.
The man clinging on bonnet missing one slipper, his bare foot dangling perilously above the road, as his tormentor weaved the car in and out of placid Wednesday traffic in Ghaziabad.
Two people standing at an intersection framed by high-rises flinched as the car swerved menacingly in their direction, just before it came to a stop.
Though video runs for less than a minute, but local news agency ANI reported this went on for two kilometres. Check for video.
The poor detenu on the bonnet refused to unpeel himself from the stationary car. He gave a windshield a few hearty whacks with what looked like his missing slipper.
Passersby stood around and stared. The video ends with furious man still leaning on the car, his right leg still climbing the bonnet in righteous anger.
Verbal argument between both resulted in this act . Later the mad car driver been identified as a 24 year old Software Engineer Mittal and he been remanded and Produced in Court and send to Prison for his inhuman act .


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