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Auto driver saved drowning women and baby but …

Auto-rickshaw driver Pawan Shah didn’t realise that jumping into a canal in Delhi to save lives of a woman and her baby would turn fatal for him.
Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast) narrated the whole incident that sounds humanity found at its best
” Last Saturday, 30-year-old Pawan was heading home after dropping off a passenger when he saw a woman with a baby in her arms standing on the edge of a bridge on the Meethapur canal. In a moment, he saw the woman jumping off the bridge.
Without a second thought, Pawan left his auto and jumped into the water to save the woman and the baby. He also shouted and asked for help.
Three men who were passing by saw Pawan and the woman and formed a human chain. They saved the mother-son duo from drowning but when they went for rescuing Pawan, it was too late as a strong current had taken him away
The three men Rajveer, Jamil and Sanjeev informed Jaitpur police station about the incident and police soon rushed to the spot and started a search for Pawan.
However, even after four days, the search is underway as his body could not be found, the senior officer confirmed .
The rescued woman and her son were taken to a hospital and their condition is now said to be stable.
During enquiry, police found that the woman tried to commit suicide along with her baby after a fight with her husband.
Chinmoy Biswal said Pawan’s name will be recommended for the ‘Jiwan Raksha’ bravery award.


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