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Post Facebook data leaks Apple tighten norms for apps

Globally, in particular   after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal, there has been popular demand that tech companies be transparent about how they use users’ data. 

Data privacy has also grown among tech companies after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law was put into effect from May 25. The European law is touted as the biggest overhaul of online privacy since internet came into existence, giving Europeans the right to know what data tech companies have stored on them and the right to have it deleted as and when they feel necessary.

Apple  taken line with that All apps in Apple’s App Store henceforth  will be required to explicitly let users know how they are using their data, and how, if users want, they can opt out and delete their personal data that these apps store. 

All app developers designing apps for iOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPad will be required to link their apps to their privacy policies in the App Store from October 3 2018 . Previously, only subscription-based apps were required to do so.

While the rule applies to all new apps, for existing apps, developers will need to put forth their privacy policy as and when they push out a new update post October 3. 

This means existing apps without a policy will not be taken down from the App Store, but as and when the developers roll out a software update for such apps, a link to their privacy policy must be added.

Apps developers and Tech companies are required to be more specific in letting European users know how they plan to use their data, and also they need to get explicit consent from users about the same. Failure to comply with the GDPR law carries a maximum penalty of up to 4 per cent of their annual revenue.

The demand has been for all tech companies that deal with user data, to comply with the same standards around the world and not just in Europe and companies like Apple have shown support. The new rule seems to be a gradual extension of that.


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